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A beautiful creature

It was the summer of 2011…

There was a burst of burglaries around and things felt that they were changing to the worse for the country.

I was thinking with my family to get a dog for our protection but we would all have to look after it, not just one person.

I went online with my sister to seek for ads and there it was…a beautiful puppy, 6 months old, the most gorgeous puppy we have ever seen. She was looking at us as if she knew we were the ones to get her.

I instantly left to go and see the dog and if the owner was ok with me, to take her home.

When I parked outside their house, there she was! She went through the vent and jumped into my car as if she had done it before.

The owner was more than happy for me to take her and so I did.

I went home and everybody welcomed her. She felt so familiar to us. We named her Peggy!

The first few months, we would all look after her and take her for a walk and everything. But, that’s where it got tricky.

You see, that dog was so loving and easygoing with people that we all felt like we owned her. And despite our good intentions, we soon realised that it is not ideal for the dog to have so many owners. Not to mention the arguments between us.

So, Peggy ended up with me. In a good way. I knew my family was not happy about that and I did hurt them but, we all make mistakes, unfortunately, with a cost.

At first, she was giving me a hard time as she was such an energetic creature that I could just not handle. She would destroy everything in my veranda only to get my attention. When we were going for a walk, I used to fly, not walk. That’s how strong she was.

I knew that I should probably get her a professional for training her but I could not afford that. So, I  only taught her the basics. And the basics worked just fine.

Then my life changed dramatically and I had to leave abroad. But Peggy could not come with me. Although leaving her behind was killing me, at least I knew that she was still in the family and she had new friends, my mom’s and my sister’s dogs.

She was in good hands for sure but every time I was visiting, I could see the sadness in her eyes. And that was even more difficult for me as well. For the truth’s sake, I wasn’t able to take her with me where I was living, not because I didn’t want her.

Every summer, Peggy would reduce the amount of food she used to eat and she would lose weight. According to her doctor, that is quite common in dogs, she was always healthy and so we were left with that impression.

Last summer, that is exactly what she did. She held from eating much but she was as good as normal and very active. Not too long ago, my parents told me that something seems to be wrong with Peggy for the first time in eight years.

She wasn’t very happy to go for a walk and she stopped eating completely. Within a day, she had a major turn for the worst.

The doctor came, he took blood and examined her and two days later we heard from him. Peggy was infected and suffering from Leishmaniasis. She got it from an infected mosquito bite.

My family followed the suggested treatment and they looked after her as much as possible day or night.

The doctor started daily intravenous fluids as she refused to eat anything. He suggested only purre diet but she could tolerate only a couple of tablespoons. You can imagine the symptoms and results of her disease were very bad and there is no need to describe them here.

With all the care she received and medication, she showed signs of improvement. For a few days, she was able to stand up by herself, walk around and ever bark again. So we hoped that she is recovering although the doctor made clear from the beginning that the odds are not to her favour.

Last Friday the 1st of November, my parents called and told me the hurting news. Peggy paralysed completely and she was crying all night long. The improvement she made was gone and her general picture was very poorly.

We called the doctor, he came in to examine her and this time he was sure that this is the end. A lot of things were wrong with her health and we knew already that her kidneys were seriously damaged from  Leishmaniasis. He explained to them that Peggy was suffering a lot and she was only to get worse. Her death was a matter of days if not hours and it would be a horrible one.

How much worse than that…we tried to help her and to save her but she refused everything from the beginning. As if she knew how bad she was and wanted to go. ‘Forcing’ her to take her medication and some food was not an option anymore.

She was put to sleep. The most painful and unfair decision we ever made. No words can describe how we feel and how much it hurts. Not only because we lost her but because of the way it happened. That horrible disease.

And one can imagine how I feel being far away from them, not being able to support my family in the try to save her and not being able to look after her myself.

I said goodbye through the phone

We lost a member of our family and nothing can replace her. At least she was loved and looked after and she did not go alone on the streets. She had a good life full of play and happiness.

Peggy gave in to her disease but she never gave up on us. She was a loving dog, a pure soul that always protected us and was a friend to rely on.

Goodbye, my dearest Peggy. Until we meet again, feel our love and seek for us when our time comes.

We love you, always…Your family




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