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Castria Boutique Studios

Hello, my fellow travellers!

How are you today? I have something special for you…As you might have guessed from the title, I am going to show you an amazing place on the island of Tinos in Greece. I have personal experience as I have spent many summers there and I have seen how the owners created those beautiful studios and the hole place as well. Here are the Castria Boutique Studios, have a look…

Told you! Beautiful place 🙂

We haven’t finished yet…


If you are not convinced by now, if your mind isn’t there all ready for your next holidays, then you are not that type of traveller. But if you are, then good choice! I am absolutely sure that you will love it!

Castria Boutique Studios will be your little Heaven on Earth!

The warm hospitality of the owner will win you from the first minute.

Tinos island is a unique place in the Aegean sea and although it looks similar to the other islands around, it has its own character. It’s a completely different place that is waiting for you to explore it.

All the above pictures are taken from the website

You can find much more there and all the information you need if you are interested to visit. Or just to learn!

May I add my own photos…

They are from different times and different seasons but just to show you how breathtaking is the view!

So, don’t hesitate to choose Castria for your next amazing holidays in Greece! Totally recommended!

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