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Dimi Pastry Chef

Hi good people, how are you today?

This review here is a sweet one!

This guy is a personal friend of mine and he is a Pastry Chef.

If you live in Surrey, England then you are lucky because you can order your perfect cake from him!

He is truly a professional and I have seen his work, both while he is making something, up to the yummy result!

Dimi is using fresh ingredients and he is making his own creams (fresh cream, buttercream etc), his own cakes and his own mixtures.

Dimi is a certified Chef and he is fully aware of health and safety regulations and allergens.

His work speaks for itself!

Have a look at his page on Facebook and contact him if you want a nice fresh cake for any occasion!

Besides cakes, he has a wide knowledge of delicious recipes of Greek pastry, Eastern pastry and others!

Ask for more info here:

I absolutely approve and suggest. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Dimi Pastry Chef

  1. Black Forest is my favorite dessert.. When Dimi makes them, it’s even better… The ultimate pleasure…!

  2. Greece is jealous right now!!!Oh these cakes do taste like heaven!!!Trust me!!!🎂🎂🎂🎂❤❤❤❤

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