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Living A Better Life

As human beings, we simply can’t stop striving for improvement. We always seek to get better. That’s because our need for advancement is insatiable. Were wired for progress and seek to improve various facets of our lives. You will be presented by the following list of 66 hand-chosen ideas for living a life that is better. These thoughts include powerful, although small changes and life hacks you can make on your life. All the tips are straightforward but can prove extremely profitable for you. If you seek to change your life look no more. Enjoy these approaches to live a life that is better! Patterns, our habits and activities influence the results of our lives.

They determine whether our lives are rides that are joyful, adventures or nightmares. It is entirely up to us. Every moment presents the choice of establishing the foundations for a future that is rewarding or, giving in to temptations that lead us. With this understanding comes a lot of accountability, but also the opportunity that is enabling to influence positive change in our lives. I believe that capability to envision, to embrace a better manner, and after that to apply to it, is the best way to climb out of a hole. Is the best way to construct a healthier life, a way to create a healthier community and a healthier world?

Every day, every action and every decision are an opportunity to determine who you want to be. Each action resembles the choice between influencing positive change and remaining right where you have always been. But if you are willing to make simple, but effective adjustments, you will be capable to reach for the stars. Particularly if you have the willpower to see things through, nothing will be able to stand in your way. Propel your life with this huge collection of actionable tips to living a healthier life.

The following list presents significant changes and adjustments that you too could make in order to improve your wellbeing. It is a collection of my own ways to change my life for good and I kindly present them here to you. My aim is to inspire you if you find yourself relating to this article. I am not an expert but someone who is still going through a major transformation towards a better self.

Start changing your lifestyle by seizing the energy of the moment!

The next hand-picked list comprises 66 powerful and actionable strategies, tips and hacks to help you enhance your life.

  • Let go of the past
  • Make peace with your mistakes
  • Forgive others even if they don’t forgive you
  • Try to see the best in people
  • Rediscover your self
  • Start doing things differently
  • Contact your higher self
  • Think of what is making you unhappy
  • Stop the things that make you unhappy
  • Research of the options available to change your life
  • Kindly tell people you are going through a transformation
  • If you respect others, then accept no less than their respect as well
  • Focus on your dreams
  • Believe in your self and all you can achieve
  • Get professional help if needed
  • Stop apologising for everything
  • Stop making others happy so they like you
  • Embrace all your flaws
  • Learn how to protect yourself from negative energy
  • Start a sport
  • Do a lesson you might like
  • Change career
  • Refresh your style
  • Make a change in your appearance
  • Treat yourself with gifts
  • Respect your needs
  • Listen to yourself
  • Spot the signs and do something about it before you get sick/upset/depressed
  • Have a healthy diet but not an obsessive one
  • Make friends but remember people are not always to trust
  • Family is usually a blessing. Spend time with them
  • Friends are a blessing if you can trust them. Give them a chance
  • It’s ok to be upset
  • It’s ok to fail
  • It’s ok not to be perfect. No one is
  • It’s ok to be alone if you prefer it that way
  • It’s ok to feel you cannot fit in but there are others who feel like you. Find them
  • Sing and dance and smile
  • Hobbies
  • Nature
  • Tell people how they make you feel
  • Say more yes than no
  • Taking risks is scary but usually, it is worth it
  • If you do nothing, nothing happens. Do something
  • Socialize
  • Go with the flow of life and deal with the troubles when they come
  • Not wise to be in denial
  • Don’t be absolute about anything.
  • Maybe you need to rethink of your spiritual beliefs
  • See the bigger picture
  • The power is in you
  • Don’t wait for the change to come. You are the change
  • Money is a tool to live comfortably not the goal in life
  • Happiness in simple free things
  • No partner is ideal
  • Not everyone is able or wants to make a family
  • Stop worrying about what others think of you
  • Stay away from toxic people
  • Always remember Life is beautiful
  • We all have a purpose on Earth
  • Make the difference
  • Inspire other people
  • Help those in need
  • Learn your daily lessons and move on
  • Be grateful for what you’ve got
  • You are the best thing you have!


I hope this helps! Feel free to leave your comments below and I’ll be happy to hear that even one person has benefited from my writings!

Not every advice works for everyone so keep in mind that the above might not be the right one for you. Also, changing your life for the better doesn’t mean you have to reject everyone or everything. The world we live in is difficult for all of us but there is space for everyone and lots of happiness out there. Go after it. Start with your best smile 😊


6 thoughts on “Living A Better Life

  1. That’s exactly right Evi. People usually do not understand that by improving our selves, we improve the whole world! It is a material world unfortunately and spirituality is struggling to reach us. But those who are looking for their spiritual selves, they get great rewards in return.

  2. I am so glad you liked my advice, I truly it helps even a little bit 🙂

  3. Panos,
    I enjoyed your list of things to do. I think every single one of them are great to get a person headed in the direction of a happier life.

  4. Very good article..if we follow our true spirit and be real to our selves, life will be better, the whole world will be better!!

  5. Very nice article I find your tips very interesting .☝️👊👌

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